Roof Installation

Your roof is one of the places where you most definitely do not want to skimp or cut corners.  Whether it’s new construction or you’re replacing the roofing on an existing structure, it’s essential that both workmanship and materials be top notch.  After all, that roof must withstand the worst and harshest of the elements, and continue to protect your investment for decades to come.

Most houses use three-tab shingles for their roofs.  Some prefer Architectural shingles, which cost more but are more sturdy and have a look some find pleasing.  If the roof is especially shallow (1:12 or less in pitch) you’ll need to choose rolled roofing or some other form of coating that has been melded both to the roof and to the other pieces to ensure that the roof does not leak.

How can you tell a quality roofing company from a storm-chaser who will do a poor job, cash your check and be gone?  Look for a company with local ties.  Make sure that they are licensed, insured and bonded — and confirm that what they’re saying is true.  Ask for referrals and check out their reputation with the BBB.  Of course if you’re within the TAG Roofing service area, you already know you’re dealing with a company offering nothing but the highest quality and most reasonable rates!

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