Quarry Slate Roofing

There’s little more stylish than quarry slate on a roof.  Slate has a rich and venerable history that reaches back through thousands of years of artisan craftsmanship.  There are literally countless buildings all over the planet boasting slate roofs, including castles and cathedrals all over Europe.  These natural materials are far more long-lasting than ugly composite materials such as asphalt shingles.  Some of those roofs can boast being over a hundred years old and are still in great shape!

Historically, the problem with quarry slate roofing was that the tiles would come loose, fall and break.  Modern technology has resolved those problems, making the materials themselves better and less likely to come loose or slide out of place.  Other technological improvements include new underlayment materials that allow quarry slate to last even longer still!

The creation of quarry slate roofing is labor-intensive, requiring a degree of craftsmanship far greater than the mass-production of asphalt roofing materials.  Installation of quarry slate is also more complex, as the roofers must sort and cut most of the tiles before placing them.  This means that quarry slate roofs are considerably more expensive than other types of roofing, but the extremely long life of this choice more than makes up for that cost, providing the proud owner with a unique look that will endure through generations.  Be sure you’ve got a qualified, experienced quarry slate roofing professional working on your roof.  Then sit back and enjoy the compliments and security of a quarry slate roof!

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