Concrete Tile Roofing

Concrete tiles have been used for a very long time; their origin stretches back to the Old World.  Commercially produced concrete tiles can be traced back to Bavaria, but the concept goes back much further than that.  Most concrete tiled roofs are still intact, an apt testimonial of their durability.

Similar to clay and tile roofing materials, concrete offers greater versatility of colors, dimensions and shapes, without compromising on weight, and while enjoying far greater durability.  Some of the concrete roofing material is even formed to look like wood shake shingles!

One big advantage of concrete tile roofing materials is that they are fireproof, which eliminates concerns of the roof coming ablaze from wildfires.  Another is that they are very environmentally friendly.  Unlike shingles made of asphalt and fiberglass, these Green (eco-friendly) shingles don’t damage the environment, and can offer considerable savings in conditioning costs.  In many ways, concrete tile roofing is a way of going back to the future.

Concrete tiles are attractive, comely, strong, durable and weather resistant.  There are so many good reasons to choose concrete tile as your roofing material, it’s a wonder everyone isn’t using them!  Contact your roofing professional for further information.

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